NAEC Launches New Name, Logo, Reinforces Commitment to Providing Specialty Services and Emergency Critical Care to Patients

Northway Veterinary Hospital (NVH), formerly known as Northway Animal Emergency Clinic, has recently re-branded and launched its new logo, name, and additional services that reinforce its commitment to providing quality specialty services and emergency care to its growing number of patients in the Northeast region.

“We’re thrilled to be making significant changes and improvements in our services. We’re very much committed to providing an accessible and modern approach to care. Our re-branding efforts stress our commitment to providing both emergency critical care and specialty services that they need. We are definitely more than just emergency, and are equally excited to share more about this in the coming months,” said Ciera Earl, LVT, VTS (ECC), and NVH Practice Manager.

The clinic is a modern facility offering high-level specialty services available for emergency and ongoing diagnostic animal care. Newly introduced to its slew of services is Elite Veterinary Surgery, which is spearheaded by NVH’s own VMD and DACVS, Dr. Chloe Wormser.

Under the Elite Veterinary Surgery specialty, NVH can offer advanced surgery and a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures on both an elective and emergent basis to ensure the best for pets. Learn more about what we offer for elite veterinary surgery here:

Another new specialty service we offer is radiology services in partnership with Clearview Veterinary Imaging. Our goal is to collaborate with pet owners, primary care veterinarians, emergency veterinarians, and other veterinary specialists to develop and execute our patients’ best diagnostic imaging strategies.

With our Clearview veterinary imaging services, we can ensure that pets always feel comfortable and pet owners are well-informed. In addition, we provide opportunities to our pet owners to discuss imaging results and follow-up diagnostic and treatment recommendations. Visit to read more about this service.

“We aim to be the top-of-mind referral clinic for veterinary hospitals around the area. At Northway, our clients and patients receive immediate care and specialist attention. They leave with a treatment plan, and we make sure we help them in any way we can,” emphasized Ciera.

Watch out for more exciting news and updates from NVH! Follow us on our Facebook page (@NorthwayVeterinaryHospital) and our Instagram account (@nvh_vet).


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