Emergency Services – Northway Animal Emergency Clinic

24/7 Emergency Services


24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We are proud to offer the service of vets and nurses on-site, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During times of worrying illness or injury your pet will receive hands on care around the clock.

Our dedicated hospital offers a team of highly skilled veterinarians that are trained in both emergency care and surgery. They combine their knowledge and skills to create a comprehensive plan for your pet, a plan that follows the most effective route from diagnosis to treatment. In cases of advanced illness or injury your pet will benefit from direct access to our qualified staff, each experienced in their own field. Your pet will receive expert investigation and treatment for a vast number of conditions, without having to transfer to another location.

We offer

  • Prompt and professional veterinary services by a team experienced in emergency medicine
  • The same high level of veterinary care as given during the normal working week.
  • The back up of our local and in-house referral team should the problems with your pet prove to require specialist attention.
  • Easy access, good parking and comfortable surroundings.


Emergency Team can offer

Confidence that patients will receive the very best of veterinary attention during ALL hours
Dedicated staff who are trained in emergency care and who are available and ready to help you and your sick or injured pets
An experienced veterinarian is on duty and is assisted by a qualified licensed veterinary technician staff

Owners and veterinary surgeons may relax in the knowledge that the very best in anesthetic, diagnostic and surgical equipment is available for use on our patients regardless of the time of day or night.